Conferences and Talks

2021 | Hexagon D&E Conference

Training Tips and Tricks Using Flex Bodies in Adams

2021 | Hexagon Durability Symposium

Using Flexible Bodies in Adams Creation, Modification, Unit Problems and More

2020 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Detailed Analysis of Contact Parameters and Integrator Settings for Rigid and Flex Body Contact

2019 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Contact Modeling in Adams

2018 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Modal Stress Recovery using Adams Durability & Distributed Loads for Linear Flexible Bodies

2017 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Adams View Scripting Examples in Python

2016 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Flexible Body Usage and Interactions Between MSC.Nastran and Adams

2015 | MSC SimAdademy Series

Modeling Geometric Nonlinearity in Adams Using the FE_PART

2013 | MSC SimAdademy Series

6th Annual Technical Review VHTR Technology Development Meeting, Idaho Falls, ID

2012 | 38th NSBE Annual Convention, Graduate Student Conference Technical Talks, Pittsburgh, PA

Keynote Speaker at ASME Idaho Falls Section - Early Career Engineers Lunch Seminar Series

2011 | Keynote Speaker at Center for Advanced Energy Studies Colloquium

37th NSBE Annual Convention, Technical Research and Exhibition, St. Louis, MO

2010 | 2010 ANS Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Initial Analysis of Pebble Contact in Pebble Bed Reactors, TANS, 103 1028-1031

2007 | The Second International Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics, Shanghai, China