Sentient Science Copr.
Center for Advanced Energy Studies

Maz Rostamian, PhD

Multibody Physics & Dynamics 

FEAD Consulting LLC

Maz is an SME in multibody physics and dynamics with a PhD in ME and diverse experience in rigid-body and flexible body dynamics and their integration with FEA and CFD. His professional services include Consulting Services, Knowledge/Technology Transfer, Post-project Support and Training, in the areas of loads and dynamics, stress recovery in complex multi-body systems, separation analyses, solar arrays, CVT gear boxes, satellite deployment, complex contact mechanics in systems simulations, and more.

Maz was formerly a Multi-body and Flexible Body Dynamics Engineer at hexagon MI. As the manager of the Adams and Easy5 Global Technical Support and COE leader for System Dynamic (Adams), he was responsible for the management of:

His other responsibilities are:

Prior to the management role at HMI, Maz was a Support & Consulting Engineer for 7 years at MSC Software (part of Hexagon). He was formerly a research engineer at Sentient Science Corporation in Idaho Falls, Idaho. His main areas of research were in Fretting Wear of Rough Surfaces, Surface Traction in Complex Fretting Fatigue Cycles, Heat Transfer Analysis of Gears in Mesh, Micromechanics of Smooth and Rough Contact, Adhesive/Abrasive Wear Quantification, Asperity Contact, Stress Analysis, Failure Analysis, and Reliability Analysis.

He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho in 2013. During his PhD, he was the lead doctorate research assistant on the NEUP 09-151 project, which is a US DOE funded project in collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory. He worked at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, which is a partnership between the Idaho National Lab, University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Boise State University.